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Lyrics: This piece is loosely based on a real conversation between Steve Lake and a Syrian he met in Bristol who had come to the UK as a refugee from the conflict. Reflects the human and emotional side of global military conflict and the realities refugee migration


Life in the old town was not what it once was,

The soldiers had come from afar,

They came in the morning, they were sent there from both sides

And we were caught up in their fire.

The day that we left the sun burned so brightly,

But it burned like that every day.

But here on the island on the edge of the ocean it rains…



The journey was hell with so many misfortunes

When we finally landed in Greece.

Suffocating and starved in the back of a lorry,

In Calais, we were released.

I had a cousin living in England,

From Calais that’s not a long way.

He said people were kind and that people were friendly, but it rains



We swam in the moonlight, headed for Dover,

The sea was a monster that night.

We were spotted by coastguards who took us to Ramsgate,

Or surely we would have died.

Now we’re in Bristol the people are nice here,

But I long to return home one day.

I like it in England, but I can’t take the weather, ‘cos it rains


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